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About Us

New York Creative Group brings together talented artists, designers, writers, and creatives to undertake a wide range of projects. Corporate branding, personal marketing, and social media strategies all benefit from the wide ranging skills of our team.



Head designer

Simon is a professional musician with performance degrees from the University of Sydney and the Yale School of music. In addition to a performance career, Simon designs and maintains websites specifically for musicians. During his time at Yale he was employed as a teaching fellow in the department of music and instructed classes and workshops in music technology.


Graphic Design

John¬†Verdery¬†is a New York Artist and Designer. He has a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. His previous clients include D’Addario Strings, Christies, Pentagram, The National, MTV Hive, Soundtrack NY. He specializes in Pen & Ink illustration and UI Design.


Web Design

Gohar is a talented musician and website designer. When she isn’t touring the world giving concerts she is here in New York designing!